Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wild Life

My friends are having a baby and live tweeting the birth. I'm up way too late waitng for updates but I'm fading fast. So to end the day, or start a new one I guess, with something postive in honor of the imminet arrival of Sam, here's a few interesting links.

Google Books now has every single issue of LIFE magazine online in a searchable database. Just browsing the covers was fun.

This wasn't working when I checked in but I assume it will be repaired by now. BBC put wildlife video archive online. Looks like hours of great viewing there.

A brilliant cartoon on wingnut bigotry.

Some gorgeous shots of Sedona.

Marcellina just celebrated her 2 year blogiversary. Scroll down for great shots of the Austrian mountains.

And Lance Mannion live tweeted a PBS special about how Teddy Roosevelt and naturalist John Muir worked together to create the national park system. I didn't realize just how vast it is. Roosevelt signed off on 51 bird sanctuaries, 100 million acres of national forest, 5 national parks and 4 national game refuges. Made me wish I had cable TV so I could watch it. But of all the tweets, I loved this quote the best.
Muir at 75: "I wonder if leaves feel lonely when they see their neighbors falling."
I would have liked to be friends with Muir. I wonder things like that too.

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