Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Early Rollout for Palin Memoirs

Not sure how they can call Palin's upcoming book a memoir. Wouldn't that require that she had some actual cogent thoughts to retell? Far as I can see, the woman hasn't uttered a coherent sentence since she burst out the Yukon and strutted onto the national stage after trading in her moose hunting mukluks for a pair of red fuck-me pumps. Guess that's why they invented ghost writers and Sarah's managed to spin 400 pages out of the straw in Palin's head in only four months. Maybe they used a really big font.

It's to be titled "Going Rogue." I was a bit disappointed they didn't take my suggestion -- "Ya Betcha. Also." But the title is rather apt when one considers the definition of a rogue is a worthless scoundrel. Meanwhile, Sully wonders, "But why the rush? It couldn't be that she's trying to beat any other account of her bizarre career and surreal private life, could it?"

I'd say it's more likely they're trying to beat an impending lack of general public interest. Sarah's not capturing the news cycle like she used to and her cult of slavering admirers, panting at her feet just waiting and hoping for that special starbursting wink, is shrinking daily. Looks more like the Joe the Plumber strategy to me, meaning -- quick get that book on the shelf before they forget her name -- than it does any attempt to preempt what juicier tell-alls might be lurking on some hard drive somewhere.

In any event, Harper Collins won't be getting any of my money. I intend to employ the same strategy I used for Doughboy's "Liberal Facism." I'll read the Cliff's Notes version on Twitter and the blogs. I feel certain the snarky reviews will far surpass what thin plot they could possibly weave out of Sarah's shallow, or I should I say callow, musings.

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Anonymous Larkspur said...

I guess I'm not surprised it's coming out so soon. Palin's has the attention span of a mayfly. I'm sure the project got real boring to her, real fast.

I just had a flashback, though. Years and years ago I reluctantly bought John Dean's Blind Ambition when it first came out, and I was all grumpy about spending money on "books by crooks". Now I'm happy I still have it in my possession. It's heartening to see successful acts of atonement, which Dean has managed to do over the rest of his life.

6:51:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

That's interesting Larkspur. Hadn't thought about like that, but I also think it's unlikely that Palin will ever have any qualms about what she does. Still not going to give her the money.

9:52:00 AM  

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