Thursday, July 16, 2009

GOP gets scarier

It appears that NotLarrySabato broke this story but everyone has the video at this point and Steve M has the best post so click over there for the background material. This is footage of an actual Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates who is calling for an armed revolt. You really have to watch to get the full effect, but here's part of the transcript:
... 'The war is inevitable -- let it come, sir. I repeat: let it come.' We have a chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box. But that's the beauty of our Second Amendment right. I am glad for all of us who enjoy the use of firearms for hunting, but make no mistake: that was not the intent of the Founding Fathers. Our Second Amendment right was to guard against tyranny.
This speech came after she read a "Resolution in Recognition of the Tea Parties." Steve has the full transcript of that, in case you have any doubts about which tryannical forces she is targeting. She's claiming she was taken out of context, and wasn't really calling for an armed revolt against the government, but it's hard to read much nuance or ambiguity in "resort to the bullet box."

Besides her intent doesn't really matter so much as her words were applauded by her audience and I see that same language being echoed in comment sections, including the DetNews. Appealing to the base's anger has been a winning strategy for the GOPers for a long time. The trouble is even though it stopped working outside of the far right, a lot of them believe they really are a majority and when they lose, they get angry. And paranoid. And they have guns. Lots of guns.

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