Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Sotomayor Awards

Was kind of crazy day so I didn't get around to posting earlier. Spent the early part of the day watching the Sotomayor hearings off and on and following the commentary on Twitter. Not sure why I bother since I'm sure she'll be confirmed. There's no real drama. Just the usual irritating kabuki theater. In fact, it's more irritating than usual. Al Franken was the only Senator that was remotely interesting. I loved the Perry Mason bit. For that matter, I loved Perry Mason.

Nominations for most inane actors in a supporting role go to Sessions, Graham and Coburn. Sessions for overall idiocy, Graham for worst adaptation of Atticus Finch, (it just doesn't work in reverse) and Coburn for most tone deaf pop culture reference. Special recognition to Kyl for most ineffective attempt at sartorial impudence.

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