Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wingnuts to CIA - you can call me Al

A man walks down the street, He says, Why am I short of attention? Got a short little span of attention... ~Paul Simon.

The wingers are in full outrage mode about the Democrats' "war on the CIA." Marc Thiessen today in the National Review (No, I'm not going to link to it.)
These latest attacks on the CIA will only serve to put the agency even further on the defensive when we really need the on the offensive against the terrorists. The men and women of the CIA were vilified after 9/11 for failing to connect the dots and stop the attack. Now they are being vilified for doing what was necessary to connect the dots and stop the next 9/11.

With these actions the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats are making another terrorist attack more likely. This is irresponsible, dangerous, and Americans may die as a result.
But remember when Wingnuttians hated the CIA for undermining the war on terra? From a National Review editorial on 5-8-06:
During the Bush presidency, however, the agency has not been content with subtly pushing its own agenda while underperforming its nominal mission. It has run amok. In fact, it worked assiduously—though unsuccessfully—to depose the administration in the 2004 election, and since then has continued brazenly undermining Bush’s foreign policy.
Need a photo-opportunity, want a shot at redemption...

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