Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New co-blogger

This should be interesting. DetNews brought in a new co-blogger today. GOP Congresswoman Candice Miller who doesn't seem to mention she's a Republican on her own website.

Her first post is surprisingly good in that she favorably mentions working with Obama. I hope that means she's not in the batshit crazy faction of the party. I see the potential for some good exchanges on the GOP agenda with her on board but it does piss me off a little since they changed the rules so drastically.

When I started there, you weren't allowed to run for office and be a blogger. They kicked Kevin out when he ran for councilman in Flint and I think they made Christine quit when she just running for union rep or something related to that for a convention. Both of them are liberals of course. But no problem to bring on an actual elected pol from the GOP? I wonder if they'll invite a Dem Congressperson to balance the scale?

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