Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Worth reading

I'm pimping nationalization of the failed investment banks at DetNews today so if you want the longer versions, click the link at the bottom of the post. Otherwise, here's some links to mostly short takes on the latest news from around the intertubes.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joe Stiglitz, lays out a plan to fix the failed investment banks in this 10 min. video interview. He seems to be saying either let them fail or nationalize the management since we already nationalized the debt. Of course he doesn't actually use the "N" word. [via]

Matt on Obama's reasons for not wanting to follow Sweden's example to nationalize.

Ezra and Atrios on the Big Shitpile.

How wingnut zombie lies are born.

I don't know if I just noticed him or if he's new but I'm liking Glenn Thrush enough to start reading Politico regularly again. Let them filibuster. Personally, I think they should make them do it.

I try to use this word sparingly but nothing else will do here. Fuck. Validating the endless detention of 'enemy combatants.' I don't like the sound of this. Especially hot on the heels of the administration's stance upholding the state's secret defense in that Brit's trial. I knew Obama was going to disappoint on war policy, but I didn't expect to get let down quite this hard.

Glenzilla so it's not short, and you knew this already, but a good rundown on how the Bush regime gamed the press.

Funny Krugman. Return of the shrill.

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