Thursday, February 12, 2009

With media like this.... Updated

Why is the average Jake so dumb about current events? Because they rely on the 'professional' media for information and what they get is tripe like this. Here we have almost a full page on the "winners and losers of the stimulus bill." In a normal world, one might think from the headline that the post would tell you what got funded and what didn't. But no.

What you get is a half a page of speculation over which Village insider gained some political points in the absurd machinations that finally got the bill through the legislature, a serious plug for Karl Rove's latest predictable chirping to the GOPers from his perch at the WSJ and more speculation about whether Jindal's selection to give the counter-SOTU address will help his chances in 2012. Not that Jindal has showed any signs of wanting to run for president.

In other words, these three 'political analysts' delivered a full page of Village gossip without a single shred of useable information. Hell, Robin Givhan's vapid Style pieces on what the politicorati are wearing have more substance My only questions are, why do they paid for this and how can get this gig? I could do it in my sleep.

Update: Shocking expose by Village Jester Andrew Malcolm: Late night comedians make jokes. About the current President. Instead of the has been who just left the White House. Because you know, topical humor is so over.

Update two: The Caucus does it better. Here we get some details on what's in the stimulus bill, or rather out of it, find out what EnergySec Chu is up to, discover Geithner is toning down his rhetoric in support of investment banker greed, and get a killer quote from Karl's banal screed, (which I admit I didn't read myself on principle).

Karl sez: "The bill he signs will create a raft of new programs and be the biggest peacetime spending increase in American history." Um, peacetime spending? Did Uncle Rove forget that we're in the middle of the never ending war on terror?

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