Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spocko's brain

Two years ago, a small blogger who called himself Spocko, (rumor has it he really is a Vulcan), decided to fight back against hate radio. He had a plan, beautiful in its simplicity. Knowing he couldn't get the station to shut the hate jockeys up, he hit them where it would inflict the most damage. He contacted their advertisers, sending them clips of the vile rhetoric they were underwriting. His plan succeeded beyond his wildest expectations.

I blogged his story at the time. The advertisers pulled their ads. Disney sued him on copyright infringement for sending the audio clips out. The MSM picked up the story. The hate station was forced to defend itself. The case ultimately received so much national attention that Spocko was forced to go underground. In those days, the wingnut blog mobs routinely issued death threats against 'libruls.' It was big and it got ugly.

The story didn't have an entirely happy ending. Spocko won in court but the stations are still broadcasting. They're still polluting the public discourse with their toxic talkshows. But, the story isn't over yet. Spocko is still fighting to defund the hatemongers. He's created a good video to illustrate the problem. If everyone sent the link to the advertisers he lists and expressed concern that they were underwriting such hateful speech, it would make a difference, just as it did two years ago.

Happy Anniversary Spocko. Thanks for all you do. [graphic]

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