Monday, January 19, 2009

Going to ride that train to glory

I'm seeing some complaints that the inaugural events are over the top, but I can't get enough of it myself. Looking at the photograhs and watching the videos, I can feel the joy of the people radiating from the computer screen. It makes me smile. If you like it too, The Caucus has a very good rundown of events at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday and mikevotes has a couple more great photos.

I also really liked the little gallery at DR of people who were lined up along the tracks just to watch the train pass by. Clearly a lot of people are feeling connected to our new president in a way that I've never witnessed in the half century I've spent on the planet.

It may be that it's partly simple relief to have a president that speaks so well but it's hard to deny the man is inspiring. I think it bodes well for the future, as difficult as it will be in the short term. [graphic]

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