Monday, December 01, 2008

Random Triptych

So Hillary was officially nominated as Obama's SoS today and her spokesman indicates she intends to remain in office through the confirmation process. Makes sense to me. She can still got a lot done as a Senator until then and it gives Governor Paterson plenty of time to find her replacement. Also considering we are talking about a Clinton here, there's no guarantee the confirmation process will go smoothly. There's an outside chance she might not get confirmed so why shouldn't she hedge her bets?

Meanwhile, as I said in my post at DetNews on this, I've been widely criticized for using the term too soon, but NBER finally makes official what the hoi poloi of the working class have known through experience for some time. Yes Virigina, we are in a recession and have been since 2007. And while we're on the subject of my prescience, I can't fail to notice that some experts have now adopted my phraseology for the old Bush boom -- the world's biggest Ponzi scam.

In other news, Tina Brown is wondering why it's taking so long to replace Tim Russert on Meet the Press. In a long post at The Daily Beast that's worth reading in full, she endorses our favorite liberal for the slot.
I say give Meet the Press to Rachel Maddow. She’s smart. She’s quick. She’s witty. She does her homework. And she listens to what the person she’s talking to is saying. She doesn't just go to the next question on her list.
Tina also suggests a few other possibilities but I've thought Rachel would be exactly what that program needed since the day Russert died. If they gave it to her, I might start watching it again instead of getting the translated bobblespeak from Culture of Truth.

Well okay, I'm always going to get the transcript from CoT because he translates so succinctly, but I would watch the program as well, something I haven't bothered to do in many years now.

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