Monday, December 01, 2008

Credit where it's due

I've long considered Memeorandum to be an essential blogger tool for checking the daily buzz. It's nice to see Gabe Rivera get some recognition for creating such a fabulous aggregator.

Update: I'm still dogsitting and am in hit and run mode today, so let me send you to Joe Gandelmann who does Gabe more justice in the praise department.
We’ve been in touch with Rivera by email over the years, and that quote confirms our impression of him as a free and visionary thinker who has revolutionized the news menu on the Internet and worked to fine tune his sites menu and delivery system. And he also now offers several other similar sites mimi memeorandum for mobiles, techme (for technology), wesmirch (for celebrity news), and ballbug (for baseball fans).

Take A Peek at memeorandum and all of Rivera’s other aggregaters and we’re SURE you’ll take a daily hourly peek… at them all. P.S.: The Guardian recognition shows that good things do happen to creative, innovative people, who can have a big impact…as memeorandum most assuredly has. And will.
Really. If the media was a true meritocracy, then Gabe would rule their world instead of Drudge, but this recognition is at least a start.

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