Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The seminal moment of the debate

I'm still recovering from a marathon session at the dentist yesterday. I managed to watch most of the debate. I fell asleep right before the closing statements but I posted my assessment at DetNews this morning. Basically I thought Brokaw was awful, the format didn't work and the debate wasn't that informative but Obama still wins. I thought McCain started off pretty well in terms of masking his crankiness but the seminal moment that will stick was this:

His inability to control his disdain couldn't be more apparent. This was the "get off my lawn you rotten kid" moment that will stick in the voters' minds. It will no doubt please the increasingly rabid base, and apparently the RNC loved the line and intend to press it for the remainder of the race. I guess they see it as a sign of virility or something, but I believe most of America will see a bitter old man. In any event, here is the perfect comeback for Obama:

Yeah -- that one. It's actually a pretty great campaign slogan. It makes me hope the GOPers really try to push the meme. [Button via Creature who has a lot more debate related analysis worth reading]

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