Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who knew?

By Libby

You know, I have so many blogs that on any given day, I just plod along figuring out what to post and where to post it. I'm terrible at self-promotion and I do check the referrals to see if anyone is linking in, but otherwise I don't pay much attention to stats so I was surprised to learn this about Newshoggers.
We have always been this way under a wide variety of influence and linkage metrics. Wikio has us ranked as one of the top 400 blogs in terms of influence in the country, Blogburst routinely pays us as we sit in the top few percent of their leaderboard, and our Technorati rank at the old site routinely had us higher than several 100K hit a day political blogs. This only works because our readers, commenters and e-mailers are so damn good at forcing us to think and challenge our assumptions.
The Impolitic of course, is a much smaller blog and it hasn't grown much since I started giving so much of my work to NH, but I feel the same way about the readers and commenters here and my co-bloggers of course. We may have small numbers, but we have the highest quality readers and that allows us an influence on the narrative far beyond our traffic count.

So thanks to everyone here who gives us a reason to keep this place going. You folks rock my socks off.


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