Monday, June 09, 2008

Media Bytes - Traffic edition

By Libby

Song in my head which doesn't really fit any theme. I just always liked it. I'm working this afternoon and pressed for time so this is a short post today.

I discovered the name for a condition I always knew I had. Hypergraphia. If you're a blogger, I bet you have it too. The good news is, it's good for you.

One last look at Hillary's big speech. Hecate was there and has behind the scenes stories and photos. Scroll past the transcript to be sure you see them all. She was also quoted in MoJo since she was interviewed at the event. My favorite vignette didn't come with a picture, but the word image is priceless and speaks of hope for the fall.

I don't think I posted these videos here, and they were widely posted everywhere, but in case you missed McCain's McLame speech you shouldn't miss it and the subsequent mashup of the Fox News commentators reaction is hysterical. I'm usually annoyed by the giggle fests that pass as political commentary but this is one I enjoyed tremendously.

I'm also late in mentioning Jesse's back at Pandagon. I love him. The most fun I ever had blogging was participating in the Blog like a Righty Day he organized just before he left Pandagon. I'm still getting used to the new template over there but I'm really glad to have him back at the keyboard.

For eye candy, since it's so hot just about everywhere, I have cold food, cold water and a cool gallery of nature shots.

If that didn't chill you out enough, try this hypnotic iceberg. It really is hynotic, albeit a bit disturbing. There's faces in that thing so to balance it out try this one from Antarctica or this charmer from Alaska that I found to be much more soothing.

Stay cool. I'll be back later.

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