Friday, June 13, 2008

Fox apologizes for 'baby mama' chryon

By Libby

I posted on the lastest racial slur from Fox Noise at the Detroit News yesterday, but The Caucus picks up the story to note Fox has once again been forced to apologize by a blogburst of indignation.
For the third time in less than three weeks, Fox News Channel has had to acknowledge using poor judgment through inappropriate references to Senator Barack Obama.

The network has released a statement saying it should not have referred to Mr. Obama’s wife, Michelle, as “Obama’s Baby Mama,’’ as it did on Wednesday in an on-screen headline commonly called a “chyron.”
Not that this will stop them from doing it again. If you remember Mike Huckabee was also forced to apologize recently for his hamheaded remark about Obama being assassainated and now "Fox News Channel announced today that it was hiring Mr. Huckabee as a contributor." Racism and stupidity apparently paves the way to career advancement at the 'fair and balanced' network.

Meanwhile, Kevin Drum flags this WSJ piece that notes the media at large is finding itself under much scrutiny in the intertube age and what with YouTube making it impossible to deny their 'cutsey' little slurs, they have been increasingly forced to apologize for uncivil commentary. Kevin counts off the incidents he remembers easily and gets to ten without any trouble. He asks:
Notice a pattern? Aside from Andrea Mitchell's crack about Virginia, which was offensive in a nonpartisan way, every one of the apologies has been about an offensive remark aimed at a Democrat. Funny, that.
Yeah it's funny alright. Too bad it doesn't make me feel like laughing.


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