Saturday, February 09, 2008

Media Bytes - All Along the Watchtower edition

By Libby

Song in my head. I don't think I've ever heard a bad cover of this song and for a change the bytes are all cheery.

Somebody did a great interview with Steve Benen, hardest working blogger in the land.

This is a great find. A site that offers free documentaries from directors like Robert Greenwald and Michael Moore. You can stream SiCKO and Walmart from here, among many other more obscure titles you proably want to see.

And I liked this video. What has the union ever done for us?

This is post is old but timeless. The results for a What does GOP stand for contest. The winners amused me.

This one wasn't great but still interesting enough to pass on. Find penny postcards from most any town in the United States.

I don't know what marketing genius thought this up but it's a product that's disturbing on many levels even though it will probably make you laugh.

I've got to send this one to my bacon loving friend. Bacon flavored bubbles for your pet. Also comes in barbecue chicken.

This Dilbert cartoon summed up my life in three panels and the listserv discussion led me to a couple of new cartoonists. Meet Mr Drinkwater and xkcd. I'm told wonks and geeks are especially fond of the last one.

This conceptual art project impressed the hell out of me. It struck me as sort of a liquid Gaudi.

These paper money hat origami are clever. I always wonder how people figure these things out.

I thought of Avedon when I saw this, but it's really not pretty enough to make her bra of the week segment. Nonetheless it's quite practical.

And finally, I wear mostly black clothing because I'm so bad at putting together outfits but I've had a lifelong fascination with fashion and I follow the designers. I just received an email link to Ralph Lauren's fall show. I didn't make it to the end. The staging was a little dull and the collection was confusing. He appears to be recylcing trends from every decade simultaneously. Still, I saw a couple of things I'd consider wearing and the good news is black appears to be back for the fall. I'll look fashionable again.

[h/t to Avedon, Maeve, Jules and Tits]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All Along the Watchtower was, of course, written by Bob Dylan and made famous by Hendrix. But to my mind, the very best version is the one Neil Young did live at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversay Tribute Concert. The entire concert, if you haven't seen it, is a who's who of guitar rock with everyone from George Harrison to Eric Clapton to Chrissy Hines and Tracy Chapman to Tom Petty to Johnny Winter. Its just awesome.

Anyway, the Neil Young version is at this you tube addy.

or just search the song name.

3:16:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I don't think I've ever heard a cover of this song that I didn't like. Dave Matthews did a good one as well.

8:24:00 AM  

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