Sunday, January 13, 2008

My take on Liberal Fascism - Updated

By Libby

Everybody has been talking about this silly book, which I expect is only notable as Jonah Goldberg's longest brainfart ever. Today Ross scolds the critics for not reading it before they mock its vapidity.

I've got a different strategy myself. I'm going to ignore the doughy little pantload and his ridiculous tome and hope they go away. I don't get the interest myself. The pantload hasn't written anything worth reading in my lifetime. I don't care what he thinks so why waste the time reading or critiquing his 'work?' There's more intellectual value in watching Hogan's Heros reruns.

I can't help but think that the critiques give the book more credibility that it deserves. If everyone would just yawn and walk away, maybe Jonah would disappear like any other attention troll on the internets.

Update: Forget the book, the cartoon version is better.

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