Saturday, October 13, 2007

McQ Jon has lost it

By Libby

I swear I'm worried about Jon Henke. McQ. I've always thought of him as a sort of rational voice for his side of the fence but Talk about grasping at straws. His attempt to paint the left's response to Bush having trotted out the 9 year old prodigy to sell his failed Social Security plan as equivalent to the vitriolic horde that descended on the Frost family is far removed from what I would have expected of him.

I mean, does he honestly believe there's equivalence between young Frost making a what, five minute statement, about how a program already in place has helped him and this?
Noah will travel to a handful of states ahead of visits by the president and will go on radio programs, answer trivia questions and say a few words about Social Security. Though he is obviously not an expert (and not really a lobbyist, either), officials say the effort is a lighthearted way to underline Mr. Bush's message.

"What I want to tell people about Social Security is to not be afraid of the new plan," Noah said. "It may be a change, but it's a good change."

This is a kid Bush turned into a traveling freak show in order to sell a radical change in the largest and oldest safety net in our society. And I'm sure that the named parties can defend their own posts but to take a few words out context of a couple of parody posts, cite a couple of other low traffic bloggers and one other post critical of the president and the two other bloggers who pointed to it and claim this is the equivalent of what happened to the Frost family doesn't suggest a frim grip on critical thinking.

If anybody digs up the posts where we posted the family's contact information, their workplaces, their financial history and photos of their home and vehicles, along with Noah's school records let me know. And be sure to send along the posts where we talked about interviewing his parent's neighbors and quizzing their business associates. Oh, don't forget the investigative hit pieces speculating on how much money the family was paid for young Noah's appearances. The kid has the nerve to pitch for individual savings accounts, well, the public has a right to know how much money he'll be squirreling away, right? Oh and don't forget the bumper stickers. Surely we posted about something as important as that.

Really, if this whole swarm wasn't so malicious, it would be just silly.

Ed. note: hat tip to Kathy for pointing out that it was Jon Henke and not McQ who wrote that particular post. I followed a link from Hot Air to read that one and I believe they identified the author as McQ. I should have double-checked. I plead old eyes and the late hour. In any event the basic premise of the post isn't materially affected.

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Blogger Kathy said...

That post was written by Jon Henke, not McQ. But McQ is loopy, too.

1:03:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks for the heads up Kathy.

8:47:00 AM  

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