Monday, September 03, 2007

More GOP meltdown

By Libby

This is bizarre. Congressman Doug Lamborn left threatening voice mails on a local couple's machine in response to a letter to the editor criticizing him for taking money from the gambling industry and for voting against the dog fighting bill. I don't know about you but I've never received a personal call from my Reps when I've criticized them. Heck, I'm lucky to get a form letter.

Of course, this couple are higher profile than me. They're "well-known Republican activists" affiliated with Focus on the Family. Lamborn denies the messages were threatening but this from the transcripts doesn't sound all that friendly to me.
SECOND MESSAGE: "Hello, this is Doug Lamborn again, I'm finishing up my message from a moment ago. I got cut off. It is critical that you get back to me as soon as possible on this because I'll be going back to Washington here in a few days and I have to make sure that this is resolved one way or another. And like I said I'd rather resolve this on a Scriptural level but if you are unwilling to do that I will be forced to take other steps, which I would rather not have to do. So please call me. This is essential. Call me by tonight, Saturday night and we can get together sometime Sunday afternoon."

Lamborn claims he never accepted the money but state records show he did and do not indicate he ever returned it.

I might also note that the article shoots down Don Surber's little game of spot the media bias. He claims the media always identify GOP malfeasors in the first paragraph and naughty Democrats don't get identified by party until the end of the article. The first piece never indicated Lamborn's party at all.

Which brings up something else I've been noticing lately. Lamborn's own site doesn't identify his party affiliation and neither have many GOP politician's personal sites that I've looked at. You think they're hoping people will mistake them for Democrats?

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