Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When wingnuts eat their own - part II

Now that it's over, I'm becoming more interested in the Michael Ware kerfluffle. Raw Story reports that some of the big boy gangbangers that piled on Ware based on Drudge's erroneous claim have backed down and are now calling for Drudge to explain. If Drudge does it, I think that would be a first. To my knowledge he had never issued a correction in his life. But that's not what I find interesting.

I'm noticing a pattern here among the big blogs of wingnuttia. Whenever the news gets so bad in Iraq that is no possible way to spin it as positive, they invent a pseudo-scandal targeting one hapless individual and rail on for days about it. Why they decided to pile on their ideological twin Ware is still a mystery, but wouldn't you think they would rather be entertaining us with long and comforting posts about all the successes of the surge and other foreign policy blunders they so blithely support on behalf of their favorite infallible president instead?

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