Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blogroll surge

As promised, I'm trying to make some long overdue additions to the blogroll this week. It's been a busy day and I'm working on four hours of sleep so just a short list today but to compensate, I'll offer some descriptions.

First up is the lovely Jill at probably the most aptly named blog in Blogtopia, Brilliant at Breakfast. She's a fairly recent discovery for me, but I find myself going back regularly and she has a most interesting post up right now on the blogroll purge that tempted the mighty Atrios himself out of hiding. Fascinating exchange in the comments on that one and I hope Duncan read what I said. He's free to do with his blog as he will, but he shouldn't forget how he got where he is today.

Next up is Ron Chusid's blog Liberal Values. Ron is a terrific blogger and fabulous analyst of the mayhem that passes for politics these days. Recommended reading any day of the week.

I found The Independent Bloggers Alliance when Renee of Ohio left a comment on my initial post about the blogroll purge. I haven't had time to really explore this blog but it appears to have been formed in reponse to the purge, or maybe they figured it out independently, but it's a great idea and fits into my theory about us BtoZ listers linking laterally to counter the A-list elitism.

My apologies to my buddy Whig for taking so long to add his Cannablog to the roll here. He's already on my drug war blogroll but he, like myself, ranges into wider territory and he's always has something interesting on his mind. He's been a a good friend and a great supporter of all my projects and I urge you to check out his stuff.

Although they make me insanely jealous, I have a soft spot for ex-pats and Prague Twin and I frequent the same comment sections. As is true with everybody I love these days, I don't get over to his place nearly enough, but I've been meaning to add him for a long time as well. He adds a perspective that can only come from living in another country for many years. Lucky guy, he's been away since Bush got into office.

And finally, I'm adding Unfair Witness whom I know nothing about. He (she?) turns up in my referrals regularly so I assume is reading me but has never commented and I must admit I'm curious. In any event I follow the link back when I can. It's a good blog and they blogrolled me without asking for a reciprocal link. That always heartens and impresses me. So thanks, whoever you are, and come out of lurk mode some day and say hey.

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Blogger Praguetwin said...

Ditto. Thanks for the link and the compliment. I'll be seeing ya!

7:46:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Whig - I figured out you were already on the roll but I left the blurb in anyway and of course you're welcome.

Praguetwin - you're welcome. I should get over to your place more often.

9:22:00 AM  

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