Monday, April 09, 2007

Blog gossip

Libby Spencer

I'm getting a late start today because I had to go to the doctor. I've been avoiding him for months but he wouldn't renew my prescriptions unless I showed in person, so off I went. The good news, or bad news, depending on whether you're a fan or a critic, is it appears I'm going to live for a while yet. My chronic conditions are under control and my blood pressure was normal for the first time in years. I think those tranqs are really working.

Anyway, while I catch up on the news this afternoon, on to the blog gossip. You know you secretly love it. Since Pajamas Media launched, who remembers how long ago now, the plethora of skeptics and critics have all but disappeared but Dennis the Peasant is still on the case as he has been right along. He has the scoop on the latest PJ dropout, Pam "Atlas Jugs" Oshry and other delightful snark. Fair warning though, his other favorite target is Amanda Marcotte. I don't find those posts so amusing, but you can skip over the gratituious lefty baiting to find the best PJM bashing on the internets.

I'll be back with real news shortly.

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