Saturday, March 03, 2007

Instapundit striken with Alzheimer's?

How else to explain his post? Glenn Reynolds reviews his March 2003 archives in an attempt to discover if he had "underestimated just how immoral and evil people who disagreed with him were." Oh wait, my bad, that was the post he linked to approvingly. His post was to ascertain if he had been wrong in mindlessly supporting the war and attacking the left for questioning the "wisdom" of the invasion. Okay, he didn't put it quite that way. And actually it was a rather boring post. It was just Reynolds' usual, self-satisfied, cherry picked list of what he got right.

Much more interesting is my favorite instawatcher, INSTAPUTZ's post that filled in the blanks in Reynolds' memory. As Instaputz notes, somebody needs to apologize for 2003, but it surely isn't the left.
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