Monday, February 19, 2007

Another fine mess in Afghanistan - AQ rising

Well isn't this just great? Along with the Taliban, al Qaeda is resurging in Afghanistan. I could have told you this was going to happen when Musharraf signed that "peace accord" with the tribal leaders along the border that basically created a revolving door between Pakistan and AQ country in Afghanistan. Now there's reports of AQ training camps operating freely in the treaty zone in Pakistan. Kind of blows a hole in the fly paper theory you could drive a Mac truck through. While we are busy fighting "them" there (in Iraq), our formerly "vanquished" adversaries were rebuilding their forces somewhere else there and we're even less safe than ever here. It's like I've been saying for the last two years at least. We won Kabul in 2001 and deposed the Taliban but the Afghanistan was never won and our enemies were never destroyed, they were simply disbursed.

So while our Great Decider Bush was busy deciding whether he wanted Osama dead or alive, or didn't care about him anymore, the real terrorists weren't waiting around to for his final answer. And now we have a hell of bigger problem. Musharraf's government is holding on by a thread as it is. He can hardly afford to rile up the Islamic extremists without risking a major coup. The US can hardly go in and start bombing the place willy nilly without triggering the same reaction and possibly riling up a bunch of countries in the region whom we are sure possess nuclear weapons. Not to mention the inevitable civilian deaths in such a strategy would really get the people in terrorist recruiting country even more energized.

It surely would have been better if Bush had finished the first war he started before he expanded the front all over the globe. It couldn't be anymore screwed up if he did it deliberately. Makes you wonder if creating international chaos wasn't the goal from the beginning.

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