Friday, January 12, 2007

Spocko sparks debate at KSFO

More MSM press on the imbroglio between Spocko versus the corporate thugs. Spocko is understandably lying low in fear of retaliation by the knuckledraggers who eat up what the hatemongers of rightwing radio dish out, but he's generated enough attention that the cretins at the radio show feel compelled to defend themselves.

KSFO is pulling its usual programming to host a call-in show for the public to grill their resident hate jockeys at noon [PST] today. It appears it will be somewhat of a farce with a call-in only format that gives control over the dialogue to the KSFO crew of miscreants but you can listen live at the station's website.

I note with amusement that they also started some blogs over there, one supposes to counter the overwhelming whupping they've taken at the keyboards of Leftopia. It should be interesting and it's allegedly open-ended with the station pledging to keep the lines open as long as "relevant" questions are being fielded.

Much more on this at Mike Stark's diary at Kos.
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