Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pentagon lawyer besmirches rule of law

This is just disgusting and I would call it a breach of legal ethics for the Pentagon's military detainees policy point man to be publicly calling out against the law firms that provide constitutionally guaranteed representation.

Like some smarmy Swift Boater, Charles D. Stimson ticks off a list of "offenders" and irresponsibly implies they're receiving ill-gotten funds for mostly pro-bono work. Even worse he suggests their corporate clients should bail on them for fulfilling their oath to uphold the rule of law.

It's no surprise that a White House that consistently rewards loyal incompetents would put such a blatant toady in charge of "protecting" the rights of those the administration regards as less than human and undeserving of equal protection under the law. However it's especially egregious that Stimson, a member of the bar himself, would so attack his peers and his profession in order to promote injustice, simply to curry favor with his boss.

I would suggest in turn the appropriate overseers should review the suitability of allowing Mr. Stimson to continue the use of a J.D. designation when he so flagrantly betrays the principles for which it stands.
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