Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Deep tweets

Really just too barbaric for words.
Bayley Elise McBride reporting from the scene.

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

There's so much about this I can't understand. So much that's disgusting and beyond my opposition to ritual killing of prisoners which you've heard before.

You know, a properly done hanging or a firing squad produce instant death. We can put down a horse with a single injection that doesn't involve filling it's veins with Drano. Why do we have to use this silly three-part system hoping that unconsciousness will mask an agony that compares with burning at the stake?

Somehow, the Conservative mind has latched on to the idea of making human sacrifice seem clinical and sanitary and bloodless and non-violent, but inevitably it's so disgusting that witnesses can now only peer through a window and often flee vomiting just as they did the first time anyone was electrocuted for an audience. If it's too disgusting to watch, it's too disgusting to do! No, we have to do this behind a curtain because we are gutless cowards, much to 'civilized' to use violence.

Funny that the people who think the government can't do anything right think, despite the contrary proof, that it can kill people right. Osama bin Laden was dispatched painlessly while many American prisoners writhe in agony and die slowly.

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