Monday, April 21, 2014

Zero tolerance insanity

By Capt. Fogg

This one isn't going to be easy to pigeonhole, or to blame the NRA for.  It isn't going to do too much good to the the often irrational arguments about Stand Your Ground which have become so intense the law doesn't have to be cited or be at all applicable to be blamed for both acquittals or convictions.

Despite what the public thinks about Florida's SYG law, not only does it not allow you to shoot someone because he's "suspicious" or someone you've been pursuing and no matter how much fun it is to say it, it may not protect you even if you shoot no one.  You see Florida has been so concerned that someone may not be sufficiently punished for being a criminal and owning a gun, even if the gun was far away from the crime that the mandatory, zero tolerance policy must result in  20 to life for firing a shot into the ground instead of into a person. It's not protected as self defense unless you shoot someone in Florida.

Remember the Jacksonville Woman who got 20 years for firing a gun to warn off her estranged and restraining-ordered husband?  Nobody was hurt but she got 20 years .  SYG was denied because she didn't shoot him.  So we have legal precedent for advising someone to shoot to kill when it's not necessary!   In fact I've been advised by a deputy I know always to shoot to kill, because otherwise you may go to jail and certainly will spend years in court. It's a hell of a thing is all I can say and I will say it to the knee jerk, gun control for gun control's sake people if I get the chance.

We just cant take the risk of someone exercising their right to self defense.  It's too dangerous to muggers and robbers and even though the Florida legislature has attempted to give victims of violent attack an even break, some Republicans take issue.  You see, if we allow one warning shot maybe we will allow a dozen - maybe we'll allow wholesale murder -- maybe.
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