Monday, October 07, 2013

Truckin' on down the line

Charlie Pierce catches today's breaking news from Crazy Street. Crackpot truckers plan to arrest Congressmen for constitutional violations. The plan appears to be to form a "citizen's grand jury" to indict various Congressmen. They will arrive "by the thousands" in convoys and if the police won't "do their sworn duty" and make the arrests -- well -- they'll just have to take matters into their own hands. Full details at the link including this gem from the Crackpot in Chief.
Reply by Earl Conlon yesterday:i've always believed Obama to be the Anti Christ from the day i first laid eyes one him.. not to mention the dreams i have had for the past 15 years showing me a man in office who i've never heard of before. then comes 2008 and the dreams get more detailed and intense... you figure it out..maybe i am crazy?
This reminds me I saw a truck on the road the other day. Big shiny new semi with a message on the back door of the trailer. It said something like, "The government didn't build this business, I did." Wondering if he's joining the convoy and how long that truck would last if it wasn't riding down a newly reconditioned government built highway... [photo via]


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