Monday, September 30, 2013

Communication breakdown, drives them insane

I'm on a long overdue visit with my mom so outsourcing the daylight posting. Must reads of the moment:

Brilliant post on the wingnut bloggers reaction to the impending government shutdown and possibly the best hed in the history of the internets by Edroso at his big media gig on the Village Voice.

Clearest review of this current crackpot con brain meltdown and analysis of why the GOP would be taking this apparently suicidal stand that I've seen yet by Peter Weber at The Week. Peter is one of the few mainstream journalists I've seen mention all the GOP hostage demands, in particular the GOP obsession with regulating vaginas. Of course, I have been offline for days so he's probably not the only one to notice Republicans' fear of lady parts but as far as I can see it was mostly ignored by Big Media. Which is, you know, journalistic malpractice.

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