Saturday, October 05, 2013

Media malpractice

Real life taking up all of my time so I've been offline for days. I check the news and see the dutiful stenos of the BigMedia are pushing the GOP's phony "Dems refusing to negotiate" trope. This isn't even malpractice. It's media malfeasance.

I mean, what the fuck good does it to tell the public what stupid ploy the GOPers are using to cover up their responsibilty for the shutdown? How about they ask the damn GOPers what exactly they're willing to compromise on? Or maybe ask them why they're taking the food out of hungry kids mouths to "win" a political point?

Shutting down the government over a settled law that's been upheld by every branch of the government is extortion, not good governance. That clearly is why the shutdown happened. If the GOPers want to make the rules, let them win elections fairly and enact legislation through normal established practices. The media's job is to call the bastards out for destroying the lives of millions of Americans, not cheerlead their evil plots from the sidelines.

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