Friday, October 18, 2013

Crazy cons

Looking around the internets I see the Crackpot Caucus is pretty much in --"well doubling down on the crazy didn't work, so triple down will do the trick" -- mode. Meanwhile, the rest of the old guard GOPers are freaking out about the damage to the brand. Even worse, (for the rest of us), the fiscal grifters have swooped in.

Charlie Pierce is already on the Fix the Debt vultures beat. No point in rewriting this:
This is the real threat to the recovery right here. Not partisan bickering. Not the temporizing in the deal cut last night. Not even Ted Cruz and the members of the monkeyhouse on the other side of the Capitol. It is this permanent class of deficit fetishists and austerian fantasts. These are the people who will wreck lives. These are people who get heard in the White House instead of being told to go pound sand until we elect Paul Ryan to be president. Every time the president mentons the deficit, these guys get their semi-annual woodies and a little bit of actual progressive politics dies again. These are the people whose credentials really should have been revoked last night, if there actually was the kind of Democratic triumph that we're being sold today. Pete Peterson must have bought Purina short. I am so dreading that conference committee.
On the bright side Mitch McConnell's payoff was what the true believers are calling a "Kentucky earmark", meaning $2.9 billion in federal funding for a dam project. Which I heartily approve of, because -- stimulus. Kentucky's economy really needs it.

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