Sunday, October 13, 2013

Game changer!

So the Tea Party faithful held a protest in DC today which was duly addressed by the leading Crackpot Cons who build their own personal reality for them. It was billed as a Million Man March but looking at the photos I'd say 2-3 thousand max at its height and I'm probably being over generous. And a dozen big trucks that showed up for the Ten Thousand Angry Truckers Convoy circled the park while a few dozen true conservatives tore down the gates around the War Memorial. But according to conservative math (real numbers are skewed!) close enough to live up to the billing. Besides, look at all the media there. Oh and those guys with the huge Confederate flags? Obviously librul plants sent in to taint their friendly, non-partisan gathering with the ultimate symbol of overt racism. (Not that we noticed anyone asking them to leave.)

Well, it was mostly friendly anyway. No doubt inspired to action by the surprise appearance of Tea Party temptress Sarah Palin, who is still writing important notes on her hand, (and perhaps a chance to make the nightly news), a group of excited Tea Party enforcers attacked police officers at the event.

It's being touted as a real game changer by the true conservatives on the internets. Suppose they're right. They're running the ball in the opposite direction of their own damn goalposts. They're about to score for the opposing team. Please proceed...

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