Monday, June 24, 2013

The good fight goes on in Texas

[Photo Credit: AP/Ricardo B. Brazziell via Think Progress]

As I said last night, the women's rights side has only a slim chance of victory in the fight against the Big Daddy Theocrats seeking to control their choice over their own bodies, but the protesters are still storming the Statehouse. The women are going to fight to the end despite the setbacks.
But around four in the morning, Republicans cut off the ongoing debate so they could finally force a vote, a decision that the Associated Press characterized as a “highly unusual and partisan move.” SB 5 won preliminary approval with a 97-33 vote. The bill still needs final approval from the House, and then it will head to a Senate vote before the special session comes to a close on midnight on Tuesday. There’s still a chance that it can be blocked if Senate Democrats successfully filibuster the vote on Tuesday.
Last I heard, the only reason there's even a chance the Dems could filibuster is because the protesters bought them another 12 hours of time by delaying the vote. So there's that.

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