Thursday, June 20, 2013

Steve King's Tea Party rally small but devoted

Crackpot Congressman Steve King was all ready to filibuster the hell out of all six hours of this Tea Party rally. But not to worry. The usual lunatics were there to help.
Crowds showed up in droves. One member of Congress after another showed up to give speeches. The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector dropped by to talk about his widely criticized study that the Senate’s immigration bill would cost $6 trillion (though there was no criticism from this crowd).

For King the outpouring of support from Tea Party groups and likeminded members of Congress was proof that his efforts to stall, and hopefully kill, the Senate’s immigration bill in the House were working. If party leaders had hoped King would sit this fight out, by day’s end on Wednesday he had made it abundantly clear he wasn’t going anywhere.
While visions of 2016 danced in his head....

Of course, no Tea Party party would be complete without a royal appearance by the Queen of the Crackpots, now facing the end of her reign.
Bachmann, feeling inspired, asked that all children under the age of 18 come up to the stage, and a woman attending the rally from North Carolina, Angela Murray, handed Bachmann her six-month-old, Terra.

“Say hello to Terra, and say hello to America’s future. I want to ask you something. Little baby Terra is looking at a very different future, when you look at what the politicians have promised … someone has to pay for those programs. The children that are here on this stage including baby Terra, this is their obligation. Is it compassionate to ask Baby Terra to potentially pay for all of this?” she said.
And thus inspired the crowd of hundreds busted out into a tearful rendition of God Bless America.

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