Monday, June 24, 2013

Flying Wallendas

I was offline for about 36 hours and returned to discover Nik Wallenda was doing a tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon. I was surprised to find a fair amount of mockery about it on the internets. Not to mention, nitpicking over the actual location of the walk. Does it really matter if Wallenda crossed above the Grand Canyon on Navajo land?

I remember when it was a BFD for a high wire walker to perform in the Big Top w/o a safety net. But nobody goes to the circus anymore. And an ever more jaded public demands greater thrills from its professional daredevils. Apparently risking certain death by walking a quarter mile on a wire suspended over a incredibly deep chasm just isn't impressive enough for some people.

It is for me. Wallendas have been aerial artists for generations. All praise to Nik Wallenda for keeping the family's legacy alive with this epic walk. [photo: Henrietta Wallenda - 1942]

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