Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eric Holder schools the bed wetters

I can't be the only one who finds it darkly amusing that the same gun hoarders who are preparing to engage in hand to hand combat with the gummit agents of tyranny piss their pants at the thought of closing Gitmo and giving those "dangerous" terrarists due process within the US of A's judicial system. As AG Holder mansplains to the would be warriors of freedom, we can do this.
The attorney general told graduates that federal courts are capable of handling terrorism cases, accusing critics of "ignoring reality."

"Let me be clear: those who claim that our federal courts are incapable of handling terrorism cases are not registering a dissenting opinion," he said. "They are simply wrong."

"Hundreds are properly, safely and securely held in our federal prisons, not Guantanamo, today. Not one has ever escaped custody. No judicial district has suffered a retaliatory attack of any kind," he said. "I defy anyone, on the merits, to challenge these assertions."
To which Republicans will answer: ZOMG! Obama wants to bring those Mooslim terrorists onto US soil and let them live right next door. The insider media will gravely report this development in the "controversy." There will be much polling to measure the daily public concern. Whereupon the very important pundits will predict what this all means for the President's agenda (almost always very bad) and give him earnest advice on to fix it.

What our mighty gatekeepers of BigMedia won't tell you is Eric Holder is absolutely right. We've had terrorists safely imprisoned on US soil for decades. All of whom were convicted under our regular judicial system. Fear of Gitmo prisoners is one of the lamest rightwing freakouts, ever.

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