Friday, May 10, 2013

A consensus of crackpots

There's a leadership crisis on Capitol Hill but it's not Obama who's the problem. According to the crackpot GOP caucus, John Boehner is failing to lead his troops to glory. Apparently the GOP's feckless chief is MIA and forcing Cantor to do the work. Not that he's having any better luck in corralling the crackpots. But this was the funniest critique.
Some of Boehner's chief critics in the House, like Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia, said they haven't really seen a difference in style within the House leadership: it's still unsatisfactory to them.

"I would like to see him uphold the Hastert rule about bringing bills to the floor. We don't see that happening this congress, we did not see that happening last congress," Broun said. "They do seek members council and I've counciled our leadership to have, at a minimum, one bill on the floor every month to repeal Obamacare or parts of it. I think we need to do that once a month."
I'm sure he would have demanded they offer a repeal bill once a week except it would cut into their time off. Meanwhile from the world's greatest deliberative body comes this gem.
Mark Knoller: Senate GOP Leader McConnell says Pres Obama should really speak tomorrow about the adverse consequences of ObamaCare.
I read that last night and had the first belly laugh I've enjoyed in two weeks. These guys aren't only cracked, they're lazy. Now they want Obama to push their bogus propaganda for them too.

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