Thursday, March 14, 2013

SCOTUS is not amused by sequester cuts

Didn't expect this to happen. SCOTUS Justices beg Congress for more money:
The cuts to the court system from sequestration are “simply unsustainable,” Justice Anthony Kennedy warned Thursday.

The judicial branch is subject to a 5 percent cut under sequestration. The Supreme Court and lower courts throughout the country wouldn't be able to carry out their duties if those cuts stay in place for more than a few months, Kennedy said.

"If it's for any long term, it will be inconsistent with the constitutional obligation of the Congress to fund the courts," Kennedy said.
Maybe our Honorable Justices didn't get the memo. According to a duly elected Oklahoma Congressman, (who was probably helped by dark money enabled by the Citizen's United decision), SCOTUS doesn't get to decide what's constitutional anymore.

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