Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paul Ryan's plan for social Darwinism

Everybody is talking about Paul Ryan's new budget which is pretty much like his old budget, only with more granny starving. I'd sum it up as further slash the taxes on the wealthy, raise taxes on everyone else and pretty much destroy any government program that might possibly increase the life span of the poors, olds and disabled. The man who spent pretty much his whole life dining on the taxpayers' dollar apparently thinks the government is spending entirely too much money keeping these "takers" alive. In his world they don't need so many poors anymore to do the menial work. Hell, we have machines for that now.

If you want the blow by blow analysis, well, there's lots of critiques. Me, I'm not that interested in the details. This abomination is just one more act in the Beltway's theater of the absurd. A meaningless slapstick skit to amuse the Village. Lizzie O'Leary tweeted it best over a year ago:
@lizzieohreally: Budgets are political documents. Authorizations have some relationship with reality. Appropriations are the real deal.
This is just the opening act for Ryan's 2016 bid. A counter to Rand's fabulous filibuster. Which is not to say I don't think, given the power to do so, Ryan wouldn't follow through on it. I don't see a speck of compassion in his zombie eyes.

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