Friday, January 04, 2013

Gentlemen prefer platinum coins

I don't know if the newly fabled One Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin, would work or not. Kevin Drum says it's illegal. But this fomer head of the US Mint says there's no reason not to mint a platinum coin and Josh Barro argues fiercely that we should. And though he never gets any credit, Atrios has been pushing the One Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin solution for literally, years.

If there's a chance it could shut down the GOP's hostage strategy, it's worth trying. Our government wasn't built to function well under extortion by a minority with the most money.

I've seen a lot of calls to put Reagan on the face. Don't hate that idea but why add to the outrage if we're to actually try it? I'm thinking mint the Platinum Bull. Like the Golden Eagle. Put the Wall Street bull on the front and maybe the Goldman Sachs building on the back. It would be the Holy Grail of coin collecters someday.

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