Friday, January 04, 2013

Club for Growth says jump, GOP replies -- how high

The ultra-conservative moneybags at the Club for Growth issued their marching orders to the GOP, demanding Congress votes against relief aid for Hurricane Sandy survivors still struggling to deal with the devastation caused by the storm during the freezing cold of a New England winter. So 67 Republicans obediently voted against the first relief bill which was only for $9.1 billion to allow federal flood insurance to meet its obligations.

Still to come, on a vote allegedly to be scheduled for January 15th, is the additional $57 billion necessary to cover the costs of rebuilding the region. Which you will recall could have done by simply passing the Senate bill before the 112th Congress dissolved. But that apparently would have been too efficient for the vandals on Capitol Hill. To an extortionist, everything looks like a hostage.

Not really surprised the "fiscal genius" of the House, zombie-eyed granny starver Paul Ryan voted no. The little weasel is already under fire for having voted yes on the so-called fiscal cliff bill. But a lot of these nay voters come from states that have been hit by similar natural disasters and benefited from the same federal help they now voted to deny to their fellow Americans. Lesson being, campaign money always trumps the public good when these self-serving "public servants" seats are on the line.

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