Monday, September 05, 2011

Changing the conversation

Krugman keeps saying the same thing, but somehow he manages to say it in a different way. Shorter: Deficit obsession is destructive, it's the unemployment, stupid. Especially like this part:
But what will Republicans agree to? That’s easy: nothing. They will oppose anything Mr. Obama proposes, even if it would clearly help the economy — or maybe I should say, especially if it would help the economy, since high unemployment helps them politically.

This reality makes the third question — what the president should propose — hard to answer, since nothing he proposes will actually happen anytime soon. So I’m personally prepared to cut Mr. Obama a lot of slack on the specifics of his proposal, as long as it’s big and bold. For what he mostly needs to do now is to change the conversation — to get Washington talking again about jobs and how the government can help create them.
As I've also been saying for a long time. We need a better narrative. Not to mention much better policy. And one thing I'm sure of is I don't want to hear him say ever again is the government can't create jobs.

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