Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democrats destroy media myths

I'm usually bored senseless by the conventions but I'm enjoying the festivities this year. That's partly because I've had the good sense to skip the cable bloviators and get the direct feed from CSPAN, but also because it appears the Democrats may have finally learned the lessons of 04 and decided to fight back against the Republicans this time around.

The content of all the speeches was great, although some delivered their lines better than others. Bill Clinton was awesome, disposing of another media myth that he was too bitter over Hillary's loss to be a team player. I don't see how he could have made a stronger endorsement of Obama and it was a stark reminder of what it used to be like when we had an articulate president. And John Kerry was surprisingly strong. As many remarked, if he had made speeches like that in 04, he would have won.

Biden got good reviews from many commentators as well. I thought his speech was little weak, but maybe it just seemed so in contrast to Clinton and Kerry's fiery rhetoric.I expected him to go after McCain a little harder, but he certainly framed his populist creds well and did nothing to diminish the success of the night. If you missed the speeches or want to catch up, I've discovered CSPAN has an excellent archive page.

The Democrats did good last night. I even tuned into MSNBC after it over to see how Tweety was handling all that unity after he had spent days pimping his bogus PUMA narrative. As I pointed out at AOTP, he wasn't handling it well. I know it's mean of me, but I loved watching him meltdown.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clinton was indeed awesome. Nice to hear him as he used to sound as pres. I think Biden did fine and I don't expect him to come out strongly against McCain, except on the issues themselves, because they are good friends.

4:34:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Biden did fine, it was just a different kind of speech than I expected.

9:44:00 AM  

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