Sunday, May 18, 2008

Media Bytes - So Bright Edition

By Libby

Song in my head. I wish they had some of Topley's older stuff on the YouTube but this is one is nice even though the video is a little hokey. Today's edition is dedicated to my dear friend Jamie, who introduced me to Topley's work and is going through some serious medical stuff.

Today's heavy reading are a couple of longish posts but worth the time. Larisa documents the Bush family's Nazi connections and this one is aging but timeless, Eric Martin on last week's assault in Sadr City. Read it all but here's the money graf.
So let's recap the scene: the US military and its Iraqi "allies" are laying siege to a sprawling neighborhood in Baghdad housing roughly 2.5 million Iraqis, launching air strikes, artillery attacks, tank shells and other assorted ordnance, shutting down hospitals and bombing others, cutting off the supply of food and walling off entire sectors of the embattled region, causing a refugee crisis by their actions - and now actually pursuing a policy with the intent of creating a larger refugee crisis!
Speaking of Iraq and irresponsible, in case you somehow missed these links, Jon Stewart's interview with Doug Feith is a keeper. Part One and Part Two of the uncut version.

This is also a little old but in case you missed it, The presidency of Al Gore 2001-2009. It's always the what could have been that make you a little sad.

This was a sad admission too but Tweety has somewhat redeemed himself since then with his recent interest in calling out the wingnuts. And maybe whatever bit him is contagious because MSNBC's Teflon John was pretty damn good.

This is a fresher link and the best take I've seen so far on things that are younger than McCain.

Moving on to the more amusing items, I'm clearing out old links but maybe you missed the GOP's convention logo. Too funny. And I loved this bumper sticker.

I love animations too. This one I thought was a little creepy but mesmerizing.

This one is hot off the Memeo. Jim Henley finds the best post title ever but James wonders if there aren't better ones. He's running a contest.

Talking cards. What will they think of next? Maybe a better peanut butter jar. Doubt if he'll sell it to the corporatocracy though. I always thought they made jars impossible to empty for the simple reason that people would have to buy the product that much sooner

In America you can sell anything with sex. In Brazil, not so much even if you use soft porn.

And for today's eye candy, I've been thinking about gargoyles. I climbed all 383 steps at Notre Dame so I could get up close to this guy and this one and this one and him too. It was worth the climb. But I've never been to Valencia. I bet that one is impressive in person.

Remembering that trip, that I dubbed the Virgin Mary tour, one of the single most impressive buildings I've ever been in was the Mezquita in Cordoba. It's hard to convey how vast it is from the inside. It covers an entire city block.

I really liked Cordoba. The Alcazar's garden was one of the nicer ones I saw and it was the first time I saw a live stork. It was living in a chimney, just like in the fairy tales. And the little neighborhoods were just charming.

Finally, I ran across this short vid of the movie house where I spent many a Saturday afternoon watching continous showings of the same film. You could get in the door for 35 cents and they never kicked you out.

[unattributed links mainly from Avedon and Radley.]

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