Thursday, April 24, 2008

The other, less important news


I haven't posted much about politics lately. I'm pretty much bored and disgusted with the whole thing. It's just a repeat of all past election seasons with all the candidates telling us daily how bad the other candidates are and how only they can and will save us and the world. Of course, none of them can or will.

My home page is Google News and right now, in the long list of stories there, there is just one Iraq related story and that is about Petraeus getting promoted. It seems the war is no longer of any interest to the American people. Lots of news about Mugabe, Dalai Lama, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Jordan, and of course Texas religious fanatics, a new house full of murdered people in Chicago, a grizzly bear that some idiot decided could be tamed and the very latest on American Idol. Somehow American soldiers being brutally killed everyday didn't have the pazazz necessary to make the news.

So in case anyone is interested, and the evidence is strong that no one is, during the Pennsylvania primary this is what else was going on.

Pvt. Ron Harrison,26 of New Jersey, was killed by a "non-combat" injury near Baghdad.

Spc Steve Christofferson, 20 from Wisconsin, was blown up by an IED in Bayji.

Sgt Adam Kohlhaas, 26 of Missouri was blown up at the same time.

Two as yet unidentified Marines were blown up by an IED in Ramadi.

Another as yet unidentified Marine was blown up by an IED in Basra.

Four as yet unidentified Marines were wounded in those explosions.

A few bodies were found in and around Baghdad but they can't all be identified because they didn't all have heads.

I'm sure the families of the dead and wounded soldiers cared about it. That's probably about 100 people or so. The other 320 million of us apparently can't be bothered.

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