Sunday, April 27, 2008

Media Bytes - Going to a GoGo Edition

By Libby

Song in my head, with a bonus track to soothe this old heart of mine. I understand this is rare live Zombies performance where they're not lipsyncing. I really loved that group. But on to the linkage.

It's a rather light load this week. Here's the heavy reading. LAT has a five part series on the drug war, a kind of dueling op-eds thing. Worth a read if only to see Reason magazine's Jacob Sullum tear up the Heritage Foundation's Charles 'Cully' Stimson. Poor old Cully didn't have a prayer of winning that argument.

On the lighter side, Susie's post was just delicious. Mark Crispin Miller floats a rumor about Rove. Read the whole thing, it's short, but here's a tasty graf.
“Rove has been described to me by several of my GOP sources in Alabama as being in a state of panic. He has been pressing senior Alabama GOP figures to speak out for him and to attack me and Jill Simpson, as well as CBS and MSNBC.
The person speaking and under attack is Scott Horton by the way.

Susie also has the best pro-Hillary ad I've seen -- ever, while this is a pretty nice pro-Obama. That second link is to a MoveOn site that is hosting some kind of contest. It refreshes every 30 seconds with a new ad. I only looked at the couple Avedon posted but I'd love to hear a review on overall quality if anyone sticks around longer.

Meanwhile, DWT points us to the DNC's latest ad. This one I think is much better than the last one. I hear it's really pissing off the wingnuts.

And Watertiger catches Megan McCain channeling her inner Jeri Thompson. Her daddy is not amused.

Finally getting to the eye candy, I knew Silas and his wife pretty well when I lived in lovely downtown Noho but I had no idea he did this sort of marquetry. I especially like the portrait cabinets myself.

Speaking of Noho, you should probably bookmark the Smith Greenhouse outdoor webcam. I hear the bulbs are starting to bloom up that way. This vista will be getting more colorful daily from now on.

Finally, this reminded me of my life in the frozen north. I've always loved frost patterns and these are some of the nicest ones I've ever seen. It almost makes me miss winter. Almost.

[Links lifted mainly from Avedon who really should be on everybody's daily read list]

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