Sunday, April 27, 2008

The future is now

By Libby

You know, I really did predict this way back in maybe in 05, just without all the fancy words. I said that the internets were going to change politics in ways that would surprise people and that 06 would be the first show of Leftopia's muscle, but we wouldn't see the full impact until now. I also predicted that 08 would see an tsunami of voter discontent. Not that I could find a link to it. I think I posted that at DetNews and it would take hours to find it in their archives, if it even still exists. They've upgraded so many times that some posts got lost in the transition.

But no matter, that link is really worth reading in full and so is dday's post on Obama's interview where I picked it up.

Related to dday's post, I almost didn't read this other piece because it was in the NY Post, but Joe flagged it and it's a good analysis. I've read dozens of electability arguments, but when you strip out all the emotional and cause related arguments, the bottom line is Obama really is more electable precisely because his reach is so wide.

He's the one bringing in the new voters and the most money. If memory serves, that used to be the main criteria for electability and now it's my time to choose. The decision can't be put off any longer and I've finally decided I'm going to cast my ballot for Obama. I think he's earned my vote.

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