Sunday, April 20, 2008

Media Bytes - Did you ever have to make up your mind edition

By Libby

Song in my head. It seemed appropriate with the tension building for the primary. It's funny, the 22nd has always been a big day for me. I got married to my first husband on that day. I had my first date with my second husband on that day and it's an important anniversary for another member of my family. Not to mention it's officially Earth Day although it appears most formal celebrations for that are going on this weekend.

Anyway, I have a mixed bag of mostly mellow links but let's start with the political.

This is the best of the lot today. Rachel Maddow notices that at long last, the Bush regime accomplished their mission in Iraq.

So now that that's over, we can offer all of you your own $3 trillion shopping spree.

On a lighter note, if you missed the Dem debate, you can catch the highlights in this one minute synopsis.

And here's just the beginning of what could be a very long list of things that are younger than McCain.

Moving on to world politics, this campaign in France has got to be the best ever. We could use more candidates like this here.

While looking to the near north, this one requires a commitment of time and I've only watched the first episode, but Escape to Canada is as beautiful in its videography as it is interesting and informative.

Meanwhile for your Sunday funnies, I give the essential recipe for a glass of water and the fruits of faith based education.

If you want to beat that traffic stop, by all means invest in someAntipoleez breath mints but never suck a Fishermen's Friend. That's just asking for trouble.

That's no longer an issue for my friend Fearless Freddy, since he's gone cold sober and all but he's high on happiness, what with being feted by Hollywood moguls prior to appearance on the Tonight show. It looks like his 15 minutes of fame might last longer than a quarter hour.

And a belated congrats to Digby for an honor well deserved. We all adore you.

Finally, this week's eye candy is this amazing gallery of photos of the Tree people in Indonesia. When I saw their houses, I almost wanted to join the tribe but then I saw the dinner menu. Guess I'll stick to being a blogger after all.

[hat tips to Paul Wright, Tim Meehan, Jules Siegel, Avedon and Radley.]

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